My Grand Scheme for DeafiantWriter

I have been thinking about creating this site for a good while. I wanted to have a place to share my process in writing my first novel, Deafiant. It has been a long process as I have processed myself as a Deaf person. 10 years ago, I went from being deaf with hearing aids and some ASL to Deaf with no aids and growing appreciation for Deaf Culture that includes language, arts, social norms, and shared experiences.

Being deaf in Deaf Culture is just one aspect of this life. There is a shared understanding of how we navigate the world around us, how we perceive ourselves, and how others perceive us. This has been something I have been learning along the way as I realize my experience isn’t unique, or special. It’s just one of millions of stories yet to be shared.

My novel, Deafiant, has gone through many changes as I learn more about myself, and what I can and cannot know about other Deaf folks and their ways. Indeed, when I started writing I thought I had so many clear ideas of how the characters would move and interact. I thought my understanding was a common ground. Now, after many changes I am still growing, and I am still processing how my characters will deal with their adventures.

My goal with DeafiantWriter is to share my thinking process, the changes that I have discovered in myself as I discover Finn and Mike and their companions Enzo, Alice, and Bear. I will share a deep truth that changed the story signifcantly, and why it had to happen.

My plan for this site is to write articles and share links to articles I have read. I will make ASL (American Sign Language) vlogs and share vlogs that will expand on ideas shared in the articles.

You and me, we are in for a ride. I hope it’s as fun as it is informative for you and me.

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